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Mount Whitney


Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States or the lower 48 states with a height of 14,505 meters. This mountain is named after the American geologist Josiah D. Whitney. It is the highest mountain in California and the second highest point of the United States.

It is connected with Death Valley by a scenic highway. This mountain was actually named Fisherman’s Peak as it was first climbed by a bunch of fisherman in 1873 (John Lucas, Charles Begole and A. H. Johnson).

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Facts you didn’t know: –

  • It is located in both the Inyo National Forest and the Sequoia National Park.
  • Summer is the most suitable season to climb Mount Whitney. In winter, heavy snow and harsh weather conditions make it very difficult.
  • Charles Begole, A. H. Johnson and John Lucas were the first to climb the Mount Whitney.
  • In 1864, Clarence King was the first to attempt the ascent of Mount Whitney but by mistake he climbed Mount Langley.
  • It is also the most frequently climbed mountain peak in the Sierra Nevada.
  • Altitude sickness is the most common illness that can trouble climbers at high altitude.
  • To climb this mountain you should take a permit through the Inyo National forest. If you try to climb the mountain without a permit than you will have to pay $200 as a penalty.
  • The Mount Whitney Trail is 22 miles round trip (the most popular route to the summit).
  • This mountain is a rugged alpine environment and travelling its slopes is really very dangerous.
  • The distance between Mount Whitney and Death Valley is only 90 miles. Mount Whitney is the second highest point in the US and Death Valley is the lowest point.



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