Fast Food Facts Video for Kids

                                                Fast Food Facts

Fast food can be described as the food that can be prepared and served quickly. McDonalds’, KFC etc. are well known fast food franchises. In 2014, America spent about $200 billion on fast food. This industry has been expanding ever since its foundation. Burgers, pizza, chips, kebabs etc. are the most popular form of fast food. McDonalds’ is the largest employer in Brazil. French fries are the highest selling fast food product. The rise in the fast food industry has been linked to the rising cases of obesity. Fast foods are typically inexpensive but very unhealthy to eat.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Hash browns have more fat and calories as compared to a cheeseburger or Big Mac.
  • In early 20th century, hamburger was considered to be polluted and unsafe to eat. It was only served by street carts, not the restaurants.
  • There are more than 300,000 fast food restaurants in the United States alone.
  • Eating fast food can result in high levels of insulin. It has been linked to Type 2 diabetes.
  • McDonalds’ is the largest purchaser of beef, pork and potatoes.
  • A corn muffin of McDonalds’ has more calories than a glazed doughnut.
  • More than 75 hamburgers are being sold at McDonalds’ per second.
  • Burger King is known as ‘Hungry Jack’s’ in Australia.
  • Subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world.
  • In 2001, Pizza Hut made a delivery to the International Space Station. The total cost was around $1,000,000.
  • White Castle is the first fast food restaurant. It was founded in 1921.