Fingerprint Identification Experiment

The Seasons
The Seasons


This experiment will reveal an individual’s fingerprints and allow for comparison, revealing that different individuals have unique fingerprints.



  • 2 sheets of paper
  • Standard black Pencil
  • Clear tape



  • Place one of the sheets of paper in front of you on the table
  • Using the pencil heavily shade in a box about the size of a quarter
  • Take your index finger and heavily rub the top of your finger into the box that your have just shaded (ensure that the top of your finger is coated in the black shade)
  • Take a piece of tape and place it on the black shaded part of your finger
  • Remove the tape and stick it on the other piece of paper
  • Write the name of the person whose fingerprint it is
  • Repeat the process on multiple people
  • Compare fingerprints



At the end of your experiment you should have multiple different fingerprints from multiple different people.



Each individual has a unique fingerprint, however the difference in the fingerprints are very hard to distinguish to the naked eye.