Food Insecurity

Food insecurity means that families, communities, or even entire nations are having trouble getting enough food to meet their needs. It happens for a lot of reasons and is getting worse with climate change.


Fun Facts

  • Food insecurity sometimes happens because of job loss or poverty. People can’t afford to buy the food they need.
  • It happens because of transportation issues. There might be food available, but it can’t reach the people who need it.
  • Sometimes people don’t have enough food because of wars or conflict.
  • In more recent years, though, food insecurity is becoming a problem because of issues related to climate change – heat waves, drought, fires, or floods. Humans create other problems when they use the land unwisely. And in very crowded countries, there simply isn’t enough land available for farming.
  • As the earth’s temperature increases, the problem is likely to get worse.


  1. Food insecurity: not having enough food either because it isn’t available or we can’t access it
  2. Poverty: lack of financial resources
  3. Heat wave: period of extreme heat

Questions and Answers:

Question: What can we do to help with the problem?

Answer: One of the best things we can do in America is to become more aware of food insecurity issues. Raising livestock for meat uses a lot of water, grain, and fossil fuels. Eating less meat increases the resources available to grow grain and vegetables for humans.

We can be careful about wasting food, only buying and taking what we really need. Supporting small, local farmers, learning to take care of soil, and growing food at home are also great ways to help.

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