Food Web Games Video for Kids

                                              All about Food Web

A food web is something that helps to illustrate the feeding relationship among different species in an ecosystem. It generally consists of many interconnected food chains. All plants and animals require energy for survival and they get this energy from the food they eat. They use this energy to maintain and repair their bodies. A food chain explains the process how an organism gets its food. The ultimate source of energy for life on earth is the Sun. All living organisms have their own ways to harness the energy of the Sun and use it for some purpose.

Quick Facts: –

  • The relationships between the food chains are very complex as one organism can be a part of multiple food chains.
  • A food web allows an organism to obtain food from more than one type of organism of the lower Trophic level.
  • The concept of food webs was introduced by an animal ecologist Charles Elton in 1927.
  • With each Trophic level, biomass starts to shrink because an organism’s 90% biomass is lost as heat or waste.
  • Marine food webs are usually longer than terrestrial food webs.
  • A food web is nature’s way of making sure that there is food to go around.
  • It protects the balance of food and consumers by spreading the food sources and the eaters around.
  • Although all organisms have somewhat specialized diets, most can eat a variety of different foods.
  • Similar to food chains, food webs also have the sun as their ultimate source of energy.
  • Each step involves a transfer of matter and energy from organism to organism.