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                                            Fun Science Experiments

This video is about on of the most amazing fun science experiments called Glowing Fountain. You will be able to learn how to do a water fountain experiment that glows as you watch. The video will give a list of the materials needed to do the experiment and shows how to make your fountain step by step. It also explains about the ingredient Quinine and why it makes the tonic water glow. You will also find out why a fountain is created because when Mentos is dropped in the water, it releases carbon dioxide.

Requirements: –

  • Tonic water
  • Mentos
  • Black light
  • Geyser tube

Procedure: –

  • For this experiment, you can use regular tonic water or diet tonic water. It does not make a difference.
  • Take the tonic water in a transparent bottle so that you can see the whole bottle glow.
  • Turn on the black light and put it at a place where it will not get the splash of tonic water.
  • Now fill the geyser tube with the mentos.
  • Place the geyser tube on the bottle in such a way that all mentos will fall in the bottle at the same time.
  • Now your glowing fountain is ready. It shines because the tonic water has quinine in it.

Concept: –

Tonic water has quinine as an ingredient. This chemical makes the liquid glow when exposed to an ultraviolet light source.



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