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Galileo Telescope Facts for Kids Video


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                                         Galileo Telescope Facts

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer who provided various scientific insights. From the observations, we have been led to think that the surface of the moon is not smooth and uniform. It is uneven, rough and full of cavities and prominences. They are nothing like the face of the earth. It has chains of mountains and valleys. The moon Galileo saw was Earth-like. And he sketched its features with earth like details. If the surface of a heavenly body resembles the earth, perhaps the heavens and the earth were not different as everyone thought. Galileo had observed the moon has a series of phases and he apparently made some adaptations to his instruments.

He began exploring the planets. Jupiter was the one that was in one of the most favourable positions for observation. It was closest to the earth at that particular point. When Galileo looked at Jupiter, he saw three very bright stars, visible with the naked eye and aligned with Jupiter. He even remarked on that. He had no idea what they were. Galileo called them fixed stars. The next night, he came back to it and those three stars were still there. Their relative position to Jupiter has changed. Within a week, he realized that those stars were moons of Jupiter. Like the moon goes around the earth, these moons go around Jupiter. And there are four of them.

Four planets, never seen from the beginning of the world, make their journey around the Jupiter at a marvellous speed and with mutually different motions. In a little more than a week, Galileo had found the first new astronomical bodies to be discovered since the ancient times. This discovery clashed with the common belief that the heavens revolve around the earth alone. Eventually, it would bring him head to head with church Dallas.



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