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Whether garlic can ward off vampires is up for debate, but researchers have found that it can get rid of other pests. Garlic has some powerful antibacterial properties and can kill many kinds of bacteria – even those that don’t respond to antibiotics. Best of all, it’s a delicious addition to many foods, especially pizza!


Fun Facts

  • Garlic is in the onion family. It grows wild in many places.
  • Garlic is available in many forms – fresh, dried, and as a paste or a powder.
  • This pungent vegetable is enclosed in a paper-like coating. Remove this coating to get to the garlic cloves.
  • Garlic was traditionally hung by its greens to dry.
  • Garlic has a long tradition of being used as a medicine. In ancient Egypt, it was given to workers to make them stronger. The Romans thought it could strengthen the heart, get rid of parasites, and treat the skin. During the Middle Ages, it was used (ineffectively) to ward off the plague. American colonists thought it could treat tapeworms and cure flu symptoms. During World War I, it was used to treat wounds.
  • Chemical compounds in garlic give it its strong odor. Keep a toothbrush handy after you eat it.
  • Garlic’s flavor and odor mellows when it’s roasted or sautéed in butter.
  • Garlic is used in many international foods, such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican.



  1. Antibiotic: a medicine that kills bacteria, such as the bacteria that causes strep throat.
  2. Plague: the name for the disease that killed thousands of people in Europe during the Middle Ages (sometimes known as the Black Death).
  3. Ineffective: doesn’t work


Questions and Answers

Question: Can I grow garlic in the garden?

Answer: Garlic is easy to grow from a bulb you get at the nursery or even the grocery store. Plant it in a warm, sunny location.


Learn More

Watch a video on growing garlic.



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