Giant Octopus Sea Monster Facts for Kids Video

                                                   Octopus Facts

Octopuses are interesting sea creatures. They are invertebrates that mean they have no bones. They are considered the most intelligent of all of them. They belong to a family of animals called cephalopods that also includes cuttlefish, nautilus, and squids. The term octopus has been derived from the Greek word that means eight-footed. An octopus has a head called mantle surrounded by eight arms called tentacles. They have three hearts. There are more than 200 different species of octopuses that live in all the oceans around the world but mostly near the coral reefs.

Quick Facts: –

  • An octopus has 240 strong suction cups on each tentacle. It uses these suction cups to hunt for crayfish, mollusks etc.
  • Octopuses have blood which is blue in color.
  • They have a well-developed nervous system and they can learn various things.
  • Their beak is the only hard structure in their entire body which is used for eating.
  • Their saliva contains venom that makes them poisonous.
  • The blue-ringed octopuses are the most dangerous ones. They can kill a few people at once.
  • Some species are capable of changing their body shape to mimic other animals.
  • The giant Pacific octopus is believed to be the largest of all the octopus species. Their scientific name is Enteroctopus dofleini.
  • Octopuses have an excellent eyesight and very good sense of touch.
  • Their average lifespan can range from 6 to 18 months depending on the species.
  • They hide and camouflage themselves by changing their skin color as a part of a defense mechanism against predators.