Giant Tesla Coil in Action Facts for Kids Video

                                                  Tesla Coil Facts

Tesla Coil is the most important invention of Nikola Tesla. It is an air-core transformer that makes light. This invention pushed the limits of electrical understanding. This step-up transformer increases the input of 120 volts AC to around 100,000 volts. It was the first ever system that could transmit electricity wirelessly. Tesla Coil was invented in 1891. When connected to a MIDI device, it can also create music. The main purpose of this invention was to investigate the electrical realm of high frequency and high voltage.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • There are usually two different types of transformers: – step down transformer and step up transformer.
  • Before the invention of Tesla Coil, iron-core transformers were used to power lighting systems and telephone circuits.
  • There are two major parts of this apparatus: – a primary coil and a secondary coil. Both the coils have their own capacitor.
  • These capacitors are used to store electrical energy just like batteries.
  • These two coils and their capacitors are connected by a spark gap. The spark gap is an air gap between two electrodes.
  • A Tesla Coil requires a high-voltage power source.
  • Fluorescent bulbs that are several feet away can be illuminated wirelessly with the resulted high-frequency voltage.
  • The main concept of this machine is to achieve a phenomenon called resonance.
  • The Tesla Coil does not have a much practical application but variations of the coil are still used today in radios and television.
  • The apparatus discharges volts in the form of electrical arcs.