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Giraffe Habitat Video for Kids


                                           Giraffe Habitat

Giraffes are even-toed mammals, native of Africa. They are generally found in wilds of Africa but they can easily survive in the woodlands as well as along the Savannahs. To find proper food for themselves, they can move from one place to another. But they usually prefer thick and plentiful forests because they feed on leaves of high trees. Giraffe habitats mainly include Savannah, Sahel etc.

The home range for a giraffe starts from 8 and can reach up to 50 square miles. Generally, their habitat areas overlap with each other. But they do not have any problem with that. In outskirts of Africa, giraffes are protected from all types of threats related to humans. In these areas, they can roam freely without worrying about hunting. They seem to grow vigorously where it is hot. They also enjoy wide open spaces. They tend to do their grazing relaxingly. They usually avoid treeless grasslands with less vegetation. Giraffes gather around river and other water bodies in dry season, but move to their favorite open grasslands in rains.

Earlier, the animal existed throughout most of Africa. But nowadays, suitable giraffe habitat is shrinking. In western parts of Africa, their population has declined so drastically that a particular race, peralta is classified as endangered.




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