Gorillas Worksheet – Best Free Online Science Printables for Kids with Hidden Words Game

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Female gorillas can have babies when they are 10 years old

Gorillas Worksheet – Download the best FREE online science printables for kids with hidden words game. This free to print science worksheet about Gorillas includes a fun find the hidden words game as well as a missing word seek puzzle. Our Gorilla worksheet is suitable for Preschool kids, Kindergarten kids and Grade school kids from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Kids will enjoy the hidden words game while learning fun facts about Gorillas.

Grade school and Elementary school kids can use this fun facts about Gorillas worksheet as a reading comprehension tool. The children will learn well as they will need to read and re-read the Gorilla facts to find the missing words. This is not only a great way to remember science facts but also a great way to improve reading comprehension skills.

Preschoolers and kids in Kindergarten can use this free online printable hidden words game as a listening comprehension exercise. Parents and Educators can read out loud the fun Gorilla facts for kids and then help them find the missing hidden words.

Teachers and Educators can use our best free online science hidden words game on Gorillas for after school activities and special education programs. Parents can use the Gorillas worksheet to can spend quality time with their kids teaching them all about Gorillas and arousing their interest in science. is the best place to learn easy science facts about animals, planets, plants and famous scientists. We offer the best free online science printables for kids and fun hidden words games. Download and use our free worksheets to make learning science fun for kids!

Gorillas are monkeys belonging to the ape family. The gorillas have a tremendous appetite and can consume 45 pounds of food in one single day! This maybe is one of the reasons why they are the heaviest of all primates. Unfortunately, some Gorilla species are considered almost extinct, so we better take care of them and preserve them.

Learn more fun facts about Gorillas by downloading this free science printable Gorillas worksheet for kids!

Best Free Gorillas Worksheet Science for Kids

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Download the FREE Gorillas Worksheet for Kids!
Download the FREE Gorillas Worksheet for Kids!


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