Gullfoss is a tiered waterfall located on the Canyon of Hvita River in the southwest corner of Iceland. The total cumulative height of this waterfall is 105 feet. It gets split into two different falls. The upper waterfall measures 36 feet and the lower one measures 69 feet.

It is also one of the most celebrated natural wonders of the world. The Canyon of Hvita River or “White River” is 230 feet deep and 1.5 mile long. This canyon is lengthened by 25 centimeters every year by constant erosion.


Fast Facts: –

  • The average water flow of Gullfoss Waterfall is 109 cubic meters per second.
  • This waterfall was designated as a nature reserve in 1979 to protect this beautiful site permanently.
  • The land surrounding the waterfall has lush vegetation and is approximately 200 meters above sea level.
  • In local Icelandic language the name of this waterfall means ‘Golden Waterfall’ because the water shines in a golden-brown color on a sunny day.
  • The highest water flow ever measured on the waterfall was around 2,000 cubic meters per second.
  • The land area in which the waterfall is located was owned by a farmer Tomas Tomasson in the first half of the 20th  Century.
  • Rainbows are generally formed at the majestic site of Gullfoss Waterfall and Hvita River.
  • The waterfall was formed where the water has followed a fissure in the lava rock and carved a passageway.
  • This waterfall is situated approximately 70 miles from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.