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Gyroscope and Angular Momentum Demonstration Video for Kids


                                               All about Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a device containing a spinning wheel or circulating beam of light. It is used to detect the deviation of an object from its desired orientation. They are deceptively simple in appearance and used to introduce children to several mechanical principles. It is a part of many scientific and transportation-related instruments like compasses. The setup of this equipment consists of a central wheel or rotor that is mounted in a framework of rings. These rings are called gimbals. These gimbals support the structure but allow it to move freely as well.

Quick Facts: –

  • The first workable gyrocompass was developed by German inventor H. Anschütz-Kaempfe in 1908.
  • This gyrocompass was developed to be used in a submersible.
  • A basic gyroscope was made in 1850s by a French scientist named Leon Foucault.
  • At that time, people believed that the earth stands still while other heavenly bodies like the planets and the sun moves around it.
  • American inventor Elmer A. Sperry built the first automatic pilot using a gyroscope to maintain an aircraft on course in 1909.
  • As long as a gyroscope is spinning, it will not fall. This seems like it is defying gravity.
  • Whit spinning it can contain large amounts of stored energy.
  • They have many important applications like in aircrafts, ships, spacecraft, robot and other machines as well.
  • This has the unique ability to resist changes in its orientation. This is a reason why it is used as a navigational instrument in vessels.


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