Henry Ford

Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company and manufactured an affordable automobile for many middle-class Americans. He is also considered to be the inventor of mass production.

With his innovations to the manufacturing process and his commitment to his workers, he became a true American legend of the 20th century. He was fascinated with science and inventions and had 161 unique patents to his name. His first car was a small one driven by two cylinders, four-cycle motor. It was complete in 1896.


Quick Facts: –

  • Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863 in Springswelll, Michigan.
  • As a teenager he liked to tinker. He could fix many things around the home but took a special interest in repairing watches.
  • In 1879, he worked as an apprentice at a machinery shop in Detroit.
  • Later he started working for the Edison Illuminating Company, which later became the Detroit Edison Company.
  • He created the Ford Model T car in 1908 and went on to develop the assembly line mode of production.
  • The Ford Model T car was named the most influential car of the 20th century
  • He never worked officially as an executive in his own company.
  • Henry Ford is the only American mentioned favorably in Adolf Hitler’s semi-autobiographical ‘Mein Kampf.’
  • In 1918, when encouraged by President Woodrow Wilson, Henry Ford ran for the U.S. Senate.
  • In 1926 he bought the Redstone School House in Sterling, Massachusetts.
  • He died on April 7, 1947 in Dearborn, Michigan.