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Holy Places


For thousands of years, religion has helped people understand the world and their place in it. People want to know why they’re here, how they got here and where they’ll go after they die. Religion can answer these questions.

Religion often gives people certain rules to live by. For example, the Golden Rule teaches to “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” These rules help maintain a peaceful, happy society. Many religions have certain rituals, places, clothing or traditions associated with them. Religion is an abstract thing. You can’t touch it or see it. Holy places or objects can help people remember and understand their religious faith.

Fun Geography for Kids on Holy Places – Image of a Holy Trinity church in Holy Places

Fun Facts

  • Every year, over 2 million Muslim pilgrims visit Mecca, the holy city where the Prophet Muhammad lived.
  • Over 30 million people visit the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo annually.
  • Jerusalem is considered a sacred city for Muslims, Jews and Christians.
  • Abandoned Buddhist temples in Cambodia attract tourists every year.
  • The Latter Day Saint Christian faith has built over 170 temples worldwide. Faithful members visit these temples frequently, although the temples are not generally open to the public.
  • Basilica of our Lady Guadalupe in Mexico City welcomes 20 million visitors every year.
  • Many religions have special clothing associated with them. Jewish men and sometimes women wear the Kippah, a small cap. Sikh men and boys wear a metal bracelet symbolizing their devotion to God.


  1. Society: civilization; group of people
  2. Ritual: traditional activity
  3. Abstract: something that is symbolic rather than concrete

Learn More
Visit Travel and Leisure to see photos of many of the most famous holy sites in the world.

Extra Credit

Question: What types of places are considered holy?

Answer: Sometimes, a place is holy because a religious event happened there. Special buildings, such as churches, cathedrals, temples, synagogues, mosques and monasteries are considered holy because of the religious work that goes on there.



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