Hoofed Giants – Free to Use Science Word Game for Kids

Hoofed Giants Quiz
Hoofed Giants Quiz

Hoofed Giants Activity Sheet – Download our fun FREE to use science word game for kids. This fun word game includes a hidden and missing words seek game and a word search puzzle for kids. Our free easy science kids word game is ideal for kids in Preschool, Kindergarten and Grammar school.

Grammar & Primary school kids in First Grade to Fifth Grade can use this animal science word game as a reading comprehension worksheet. Younger kids in Kindergarten and Preschool can enjoy the missing words puzzle and use this worksheet as a listening comprehension game.

Parents homeschooling thier kids can use this word search game as a fun way of teaching their kids science fun facts all about hoofed giants.

Teachers and Educators can use this free science words game to supplement science classes and for after school enrichment programs for kids.

You can print for free and use this free science worksheet as many times as you need.

Our website offers the best free easy science printables worksheets for kids. Teach your kids fun facts about the world around them with fun science word games.

What are hoofed giants? They are not big bad giants from fairy-tales with hoofs, but big animals with hooves. Giraffes, rhinos and hippos are all hoofed giants. They don’t have much in common except that they are all herbivores. Giraffes are the tallest mammals, standing 18 feet or more. Hippos are the most dangerous mammals on earth. Rhinos have sensitive skin.

Learn more fun facts about hoofed giants by downloading this fun word game for kids!

Free Hoofed Giants Science Word Game for Kids

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Download the FREE Hoofed Giants Word Game!
Download the FREE Hoofed Giants Word Game!


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