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How to Build a Real Igloo Video for Kids


                                            How to build a real igloo

Igloos are the most specialized form of a snow shelter. They are typically used by skiers or outer enthusiast as a temporary shelter. These shelters are warm, sturdy and easy to construct. A special type of snow is required to do it the right way. The perfect snow can be from where a freeze and thaw cycle does not exist. Ideal environments for creating these structures are closer to the Polar Regions.

Materials Required: –

  • A lot of snow
  • Shovel
  • Bin
  • Snow brick mold
  • Snow knife

Steps: –

  • Gather the snow in a big pile by using shovel and bin and create the base.
  • Make snow bricks or snow blocks by using the snow brick mold.
  • Determine the inner circumference of the igloo.
  • Arrange the snow blocks end to end around the perimeter and start stacking them on each other.
  • Start shaping the bricks to lean inward so that you don’t end up with a snow tube and can get a dome shaped structure.
  • You can use a few sticks to make it more stable.
  • The last block of the top is known as the king block. It should be slightly larger than required.
  • After placing the last block fill in all the gaps between the snow blocks and then carve vents in the walls to prevent CO2
  • Make your entrance by cutting a rectangle from the bottom.
  • Remove the excess snow from the inside of your igloo.
  • Make sure to cut air holes to avoid suffocation as excess of carbon dioxide can be fatal.
  • Avoid using camp stoves or any kind of fire inside the dome.


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