How to Detect if Someone is Lying Video – Liars & Lie Detection Video for Kids

                             How to Detect If Someone is Lying

Psychology has its pre-defined set of rules that can help us to detect if someone is lying. There are a few universal signs of lying. There are a few things listed that liars do: –

  • They make sudden head movements when you ask them a direct question. That movement could be a jerk, tilt anything.
  • They start to breathe heavily. This is due to the increased heart rate and change in the blood flow.
  • Liars sometimes avoid making usual unconscious movements and they try to stand very still.
  • They avoid making direct eye contact and their eyes darting back and forth continuously.
  • They put their hands over their mouth and try to cover it.
  • Due to their nervousness and not wanting to face the situation, they shuffle their feet.
  • Either they will blink more rapidly or stare at you without blinking at regular intervals.
  • If the person is clearing his throat more often that there are more chances of him lying.
  • They can show some grooming gestures as well like adjust their clothes, touch the hair or anything else.
  • You can also observe some minor details like the change in the person’s pitch or cracking of voice.
  • If the person is taking frequent unusual pauses and improvising the details then there are chances that he/she is trying to convince you with what they are saying.