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How to Make an Electric Motor Video for Kids


                                 How to Make an Electric Motor

An electric motor can be defined as a machine that converts electrical energy into work or mechanical energy. Electromagnetic interaction is the concept using which an electric motor work. You can also make a simple electric motor at home.

Requirements: –

  • Copper wire
  • Wood
  • Tape
  • Two needles
  • Neodymium magnet
  • AA battery
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire Cutters

Procedure: –

  • Use the copper wire to make a coil by wrapping it in a circular loop. Wrap the loose ends around the coil to hold it together.
  • This wired loop will be the main spinning part of your motor.
  • Take the piece of wood and place the battery on it. Secure the battery with tape.
  • Strip the ends of the coil wire by using wire stripper and slide each of them through the eye of needles.
  • Tape both the needles to the terminal of the battery.
  • Place a neodymium magnet in such a way that it is centered underneath the coil and secure it by using the tape.
  • Now give your coil a spin. If you pushed it in the right direction then it will continue to spin.

Concept: –

An electric current makes a magnetic current. The needles and wire created a closed loop that carries current. The current flows from the negative terminal to the positive terminal of the battery.



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