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Human Life Cycle Video for Kids


This video explains a lot of fascinating facts about human life cycle.

                                          Human Life Cycle

The human life cycle includes various phases of life of a person. All living creatures go through stages of developments. And these stages can get affected by different environmental conditions. We, humans start our life as a cell which is of the size of a pinprick. And this stage starts inside our mother’s body. Then birth will take place between fertilization and 40 weeks after fertilization, when the baby will be fully formed and ready to exit the safest place, mother’s womb. The baby is called infant for entire first year after the birth. In this stage, infant tries to get familiar with the outer world. As soon as the first year completes, the stage which starts is called childhood. For next 10 year, the child will learn how to walk, eat and talk. Then adolescence will take place. It starts from the age of 12 and continues till 18. It is the stage of hormonal changes.  A person will feel some type of psychological changes as well. After that, adulthood comes, which is the longest stage. In this stage, an individual becomes a fully grown adult. Late adulthood is the last stage when a person slowly moves towards the last phase of life, which is death.

Different stages: –

  • Foetus
  • Infant
  • Child
  • Adolescent
  • Adult
  • Elderly


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