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James Maxwell Biography Video for Kids


                                          James Maxwell Biography

James Maxwell was a Scottish chemist and physicist. He was born on June 13, 1831 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is well known for his discoveries in optics and gas velocity research, electromagnetism. Maxwell enrolled at University of Edinburgh to study optics and color research. Then he studied at the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College and graduated in 1854. He also contributed with his research in kinetics and electricity that laid the foundation for modern Quantum mechanics and special relativity. In 1858, he married Katherine Mary Dewar.

Fast Facts: –

  • He wrote his first scientific paper ‘Oval Curves’ in 1845 when he was 14. Four years after, he published two more scientific papers.
  • Maxwell delivered his very first lecture to the Royal Society of Edinburgh on ‘Experiments on Colour’ in 1855.
  • He wrote a book ‘Theory of Heat’ in 1871.
  • He also loved poetry and drawing other than his scientific interests.
  • James Maxwell gave a kinetic theory of gases that accurately explained the origin of temperature.
  • Maxwell was the first person ever to produce a coloured photograph.
  • He explained rings of Planet Saturn by using mathematics about 100 years before the Voyager spacecraft’s confirmation.
  • He was an evangelical protestant who believed that his religion was a private affair.
  • James C. Maxwell became a Fellow of Trinity College when he was only 24.
  • In 1860, he took a professorship at King’s College. He was 29 years old at this time.
  • He became Cavendish Professor at the University of Cambridge in 1871.
  • Maxwell suffered from abdominal cancer that caused his death on November 5, 1879.
  • He was only 48 years old at the time of his death.


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