Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of the United States. It is the largest Alpine lake in North America. Two thirds of the lake is located in California and one third part is located in Nevada.

The average surface elevation of the lake is 6,225 feet above sea level. The average water surface temperature is 53°F. This lake holds 147 trillion liters of water which makes it the sixth largest lake by volume in the United States.


Quick Facts: –

  • At its widest point, Lake Tahoe measures 19 kilometers.
  • The total shoreline of this lake measures around 116 kilometers.
  • This lake is considered an ancient lake and it is estimated to be around 2 million years old.
  • The average depth of the lake is 1,000 feet and the maximum depth is 1,645 feet in Crustal Bay.
  • This lake was originally named ‘Da ow a ga’ by a Washoe tribe of Native Americans.
  • The lake is fed by a total of sixty three streams but there is only one outlet and that is in Tahoe City.
  • The lake is just one inch below the natural rim.
  • The area surrounding this lake is generally referred to as Tahoe.
  • The outflow of Lake Tahoe is controlled by a dam at its outlet.
  • The lake has more volume relative to its surface size so it never freezes completely but the shoreline develops a thin sheet of ice.
  • The sun shines on the lake for 75% of the year, or 274 days.
  • The purity level of the water is 99.994% which puts it in the category of the purest large lakes in the world.