Liger Facts

Liger is the world’s biggest cat. It is one of the most popular hybrid animals. They are the result of cross-breeding between a male lion and a female tiger. Both the parents are in the same genus but the species are different.

They do not exist in the wild as lions and tigers do not live in same geographic regions. Ligers can be seen only in captivity. This pairing results in gigantism. They are more lion-like in terms of behaviour and morphology.

Ligers grow at a rate of 1 kg every second day. The first ever liger was born in 1799.


Quick Facts: –

  • Similar to other hybrids, ligers are more prone to diseases like cancer and have a relatively short lifespan.
  • They inherited a trait from tigers in the fact that they are very good swimmers and love to swim unlike lions who don’t like water.
  • Adult individuals can stand about 12 feet tall on their hind legs and weigh approximately 900 pounds.
  • Usually, one adult can east as much as 9kgs of meat in one single day and their eating capacity is 45kgs in single sitting.
  • They have a large, muscular body and a fur that has color ranging from dark yellowish to golden.
  • They have light strips and spots like a tiger but generally these stripes and spots fade away as they reach adulthood.
  • They are highly social creatures like lions and prefer to live in prides. Tigers on the other hand prefers to operate on their own and are very territorial.
  • They inherit traits from both the parents as they can roar like a lion and chuff like a tiger sometimes.