Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a lake which lies in the Highland council area, Scotland. It is the largest lake in the United Kingdom on the basis of Volume as it holds 7.5 cubic kilometers of water. It is more water than all the lakes of England and Wales combined.

It was formed approximately 10,000 years ago when the last Ice Age was about to end. The water of the lake is dark blue in color because of the high content of peat particles present from the surrounding land.

Quick Facts: –

  • Loch Ness is measured at 36.2 kilometers in length and 2.7 kilometers in width at its widest point.
  • Its average depth is measured 132 feet and the deepest point is at 230 meters which makes it the second deepest in Scotland.
  • The surface of the lake is located approximately 16 feet above the sea level.
  • This lake lies in the Great Glen fault line and seismic activity has been detected in the area.
  • The average temperature of the lake’s water remains 5.5°C throughout the year and it never freezes.
  • There is only one island in Loch Ness, named as Cherry Island. It is a crannog which is a form of artificial islands.
  • On the western shore of this lake, Urquhart Castle is located.
  • The watershed of Loch Ness covers an area more than 700 square miles and comprises of several rivers.
  • An aquatic monster has been reportedly sighted in this lake a few times. It is famously known as Nessie.