Locusts Activity Sheet – Best Free Science Printables for Kids with Hidden Words Puzzle

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One locust can eat its weight in plants every day. A swarm of locusts can eat up to 400 million pounds of plants each day!

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FREE Locusts Activity Sheet – Download the best FREE science printables for kids with hidden words puzzle about Locusts. This free science activity sheet includes a hidden words puzzle along with a find-the-missing-word search game. Our Locust activity sheet is both free to download and free to print. Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary school (Grade 1 to Grade 5) can enjoy this activity sheet and learning fun facts about Locusts.

Teachers can use our free printable Locusts activity sheet to engage and interest kids during science lessons. Educators can use our best free printable hidden words puzzles to supplement child enrichment programs, after school science lessons and special education programs for kids.

Parents can use our free science printable activity sheet about Locusts to spend quality time educating their kids about Locusts and interesting them in science facts. You can use our free science hidden words puzzle as an early learning activity or as a fun activity while homeschooling your kids.

Children in Grammar school can use the all about Locusts activity sheet as a reading comprehension tool. This can be used to test their reading comprehension and enhance their reading skills. Younger kids who haven’t learned to read and write yet can enjoy the science hidden words puzzle as a listening comprehension activity while learning to recognize letters and words. Parents and Educators can read out loud the fun facts about Locusts and then help their kids solve the missing word game and find the hidden words. is the best science kids website with free science printables for kids. We offer many free to download and free to print science activity sheets and word search games for kids.

Learn fun facts about Locusts through this fun hidden words puzzle for kids which can be done at home or in school. Find out what are the differences between a locust and a grasshopper. Discover what happens if a locust swarm is heading your way. Did you know that some people even eat locust insects?

Download this fun free science printable activity sheet to learn more about Locusts!

FREE Locusts Activity Sheet Word Puzzle for Kids

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Download the FREE Locusts Activity Sheet for Kids!
Download the FREE Locusts Activity Sheet for Kids!


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