Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex. It is located in the modern city of Luxor Egypt, which is built on the site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes. This temple is dedicated to Amon, king of the gods, his consort Mut, and their son Khons. This is also the reason why it has always been known as a sign for the Opet Festival.

The temple has two outer courtyards connected by a column line hallway called a Colonnade. The Colonnade has 7 pairs of 16 meters high open-flower papyrus columns to support their huge architrave blocks.


Quick Facts: –

  • Along with the temple complex of Karnak, Luxor Temple is the most famous temple complex around Luxor.
  • This temple was constructed approximately in 1400 BCE.
  • It was built by Amenhotep III but completed by Tutankhamun (and Horemheb. Then Rameses II added to it.
  • It is constructed of sandstone blocks from Nubia, in southwest Egypt and the complex is surrounded by mud-brick walls.
  • The entrance to the temple is known as the first pylon. It was built by Ramesses II.
  • The Luxor temple is one of the most visited landmarks in Egypt.
  • Luxor has always been a very important religious center for the ancient Egyptians.
  • This temple has earned a nickname, ‘The World’s Largest Outdoor Museum’.
  • Like other Egyptian structures a common technique was used, known as symbolism, or illusionism.
  • Since its inception, the temple has always been a sacred site in the country.