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The Seasons
The Seasons

Malawi is a small country in Southeastern Africa, neighbored by Mozambique, Tanzania, and Lake Victoria. Lake Malawi runs along the eastern edge of the country. Malawi is a poor farming area that was previously ruled by Great Britain. For many years, Malawi received tons of food from other countries. Today, the country can grow almost enough food to feed its citizens.

Malawi is prone to natural disasters, including drought and flooding. Another problem here is that many people have the AIDS virus. In recent years, government officials have worked for better health care and conditions. In 2012, Joyce Banda became president of Malawi – the first woman president.

Fun Geography for Kids on Malawi – Flag of a  Malawi

Fun Facts

  • 15.9 million people live in Malawi, making this a crowded country.
  • Malawi has 45,747 square miles of land.
  • The official languages include English and Chichewa.
  • Christianity and Islam are the major religions.
  • The life expectancy in Malawi is 55 years.


  1. Citizen: member of a country
  2. Prone: likely to experience
  3. Drought: lack of rainfall, resulting in crop failure

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Extra Credit

Question: What crops do farmers grow?

Answer: Farmers grow many fruits and vegetables for their families. They also grow cotton, tea, coffee, sugar cane, and peanuts to sell. Ranchers raise cattle.