Mexico Facts for Kids Video

                                                  Mexico Facts

Estados Únidos Mexicanos is the official name of Mexico that means United Mexican States. Mexico-US border is the second largest in the world after the US-Canada border. Mexico covers an area about 756,066 square miles. This country introduced chocolate, chillies and corn to the world. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, the oldest city in the North America. It has the highest elevation. The national symbol of Mexico is Golden Eagle.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Mexico has the 11th largest population in the entire world. It has a population of around 123 millions.
  • Mexican peso is the currency of Mexico. This country has 68 official languages.
  • It is the favourite place for Monarch butterflies to migrate from the United States and Canada.
  • This country has the second largest catholic population after Brazil.
  • It is the most populated Spanish-speaking country of the world.
  • Mexico is the largest silver and salt producing country in the world.
  • Cuexcomatevolcano is the smallest volcano in the world with a height of 43 feet. It is located in Puebla, Mexico.
  • This country is located in the ‘Ring of Fire’ where more than 50% of active volcanoes of the world are present.
  • Hipsters are called Cholombians in Mexico.
  • This country has a total of 32 UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Rio Grande is the longest river of Mexico.
  • Jaguar, the largest wildcat of North America can be found in southern jungles of Mexico.
  • Mexico ranks 10th in the list of largest oil producers of oil.
  • On an average, Mexico City sinks about 10 inches every year because the city was built on a lake.
  • National sport of Mexico is bullfighting, introduced by Spanish conquerors.
  • This country is the second largest producer of horse meat after China.
  • Mexico is the third largest exporter of honey.
  • UNAM, the National University of Mexico is the oldest university in North America.