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Mitosis – The Beginning of Life Facts for Kids Video


                                            Facts about Mitosis

How do we, or anything, grow into the organisms we are today? Much of why we are not all just single-celled blobs is still unexplained, but what we do know starts with a process called mitosis. See how the little bits of us on the microscopic level actually know what they are doing to create more of, well, us, and every other living thing on the planet. This short clip shows how the divisive nature of mitosis is actually the uniting common denominator of all life. Nothing, including humans, can grow or develop without going through this amazing process. Mitosis begins as the long threads of DNA in the nucleus start to coil. Having already replicated, these threads emerge as the double strands, we know as chromosomes. Meanwhile, protein fibres roll in the migrating centrioles forming a lattice full of spindles. What reason scientists don’t fully understand, the nuclei membrane suddenly degrades. With amazing accuracy, a spindle from each centriole attaches itself to each of the chromosomes. Assisted by the protein fibre, the chromosomes move to centre stage. In a microscopic tug of war, the spindles pull each chromatid toward opposite poles. Other spindles push against each other in a rigid action that stretches the cell. The chromosomes then unbind and the nuclei membranes reform. With mitosis complete, the nuclei and cytoplasm separate creating two new cells. In this ongoing cycle, that sustains all life.

Quick Facts: –

  • If not corrected in time, mistakes made during mitosis can result in changes in the DNA.
  • The two daughter cells generated as a result of mitosis are genetically identical to each other.
  • There are total four phases of this process which are prophase, metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase.
  • A spindle is the structure responsible for moving the chromosomes during the process of mitosis.


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