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Modern States of Matter

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As you may already know, matter can be defined as something that takes up space. State of matter is a form that matter takes on. Most people know about only three states of matter those are: – solid, liquid and gas but there are some other states as well known as Modern States of Matter.


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Types of states of matter: –

States of matter are divided into two types: –

  • Low Energy States: – Low energy states are further divided in two sub categories as followed: –
  1. Classical States of Matter: – There are total of four types of classical states: – Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
  2. Modern States of Matter: – There are total 11 modern states of matter: –
  • Degenerate Matter: – In this state, matter remains under very high pressure.
  • Photonic Matter: – This state can be defined as a natural form in which photons form molecules by bonding together. This state can be made artificially as well.
  • Quantum: – In this state of matter, the magnitude of the physical property can get affected on only certain discrete values.
  • Super Conductivity: – This is a phenomenon in which, when certain materials cooled below a critical temperature then zero electrical resistance and discharge of magnetic flux field occurs.
  • Quantum Spin Liquid: – This is a state of interaction of quantum spins.
  • String Net Liquid: – In this state of matter, atoms are arranged unstably.
  • Supercritical Fluid: – In this state, matter can be called neither liquid nor gas.
  • Bose-Einstein Condensate: – Some scientists consider Bose-Einstein condensate as a classical state of matter and some scientists consider it one of the modern states.
  • Fermionic Condensate: – They are somewhat similar to Bose-Einstein condensate but composed of fermions.
  • Dropleton: – It is a quasiparticle as it comprises of both electrons and holes inside a semiconductor.
  • Jahn-Teller Metal: – This state shows some characteristics of an insulator but acts as a conductor.
  • Very High Energy States: – There is one state of matter that is very high energy state, Quark-gluon plasma.




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