Moles Worksheet – Free to Download and Use Printable Hidden Words Puzzle

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Moles have curved front paws and claws that dig like shovels. They build long tunnels and underground homes.

The Moles Worksheet – Get our fun educational FREE to download and use printable hidden words puzzle game. This free to download moles worksheet includes a fun hidden words puzzle as well as a word search game for kids. The free to download moles worksheet is ideal for kids from Preschool all the way up to Grade Five. Kids will enjoy to learn fun facts about moles through this worksheet.

Grade school kids from 1st Grade to 5th Grade can enjoy this free to use hidden words puzzle as a reading comprehension activity. To find the missing words the kids will need to read a few times the facts about moles and thereby improve their reading comprehension skills. This is a fun way for kids to learn about animals and get interested in science!

Preschoolers and young kids in Kindergarten can use this printable hidden words game about moles as a listening comprehension activity. A parent or educator can read out loud to them the facts about moles and then ask them to remember what the missing words are. Next, the young kids can have fun playing the word seek game and recognizing letters and words in the hidden words puzzle.

Teachers can use our fun facts about moles worksheet to supplement science lessons and gain kids attention and interest. Educators and tutors can use free hidden words game for extra-curriculum science enrichment classes and after school activities with kids.

Parents can spend quality fun time with their kids educating them about moles and awakening their curiosity and interest in science.

Our free science site for kids offers many more free to download and use hidden words games and easy science worksheets for kids. Download and use our worksheets to make learning science fun for kids!

Moles are burrowers that live underground. They can be troublesome as they can destroy gardens and therefore farmers hate them. What do these cute little animals feed on? Is it true that all moles are blind? Discover fun facts about moles by downloading the moles worksheet for kids!

Free to Use Printable Moles Worksheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Moles Worksheet for Kids
Download the FREE Moles Worksheet for Kids!

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