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People have made music for thousands of years. Bone whistles have been found in Europe that date back 25,000 years. Music has many purposes. It stirs the emotions. It can comfort a crying child or fire up a crowd. It is a way to express feelings and ideas.

Music comes in many forms. A choir is a large group of people that sing together. They often sing religious music. An orchestra is a group of people who perform using instruments, such as flutes, horns, violins and cellos. Folk music includes songs that have been sung for many years. The music has a simple sound and usually includes just a few instruments.

Fun Geography for Kids on Music – Image of a flutes instrument in Music

Fun Facts

  • Wind instruments are instruments that use human breath. These include bagpipes, harmonicas, recorders, flutes, clarinets and saxophones. A didgeridoo is an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument.
  • Brass instruments are made of brass and are played by blowing into the mouthpiece. These include the trumpet, French horn, tuba and trombone.
  • String instruments have strings. These include violins, cellos, guitars and ukuleles. Percussion instruments are instruments that play a sound when you hit, scrape or shake them. These include the piano, the cymbals, drums, castanets, chimes and tambourine.
  • There are many types of music. Some music is fast and loud. It makes you want to get up and dance. Other music is soft and slow.


  1. Comfort: calm, reassure
  2. Choir: a group of people who sing together
  3. Orchestra: a group of people who play string, wind, percussion and brass instruments together
  4. Didgeridoo: an Australian wind instrument

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Extra Credit

Question: Can anyone be a musician?

Answer: Even a young child banging a pot with a spoon is a musician. You don’t have to have a beautiful voice to sing, nor do you have to play an instrument perfectly. Keep practicing and have fun. You can be a musician too.



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