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Neptune Planet Video for Kids


                                                   Neptune Facts

Neptune is the 8th planet from the Sun. It is one of the four gas giants and has a beautiful deep blue color. It is made of 80% hydrogen, 29% helium and traces of methane gas. It is the third largest planet in our solar system. This planet is named after the Roman god of the sea. Neptune was first discovered in 1846 from an observatory in Berlin. Initially, this planet was called Le Verrier, named after Jean Joseph Le Verrier, the person who discovered it. This planet is the slowest to move around the Sun as it takes 164.8 earth years for Neptune to orbit the Sun. It spins very quickly on its axis.

Quick Facts: –

  • Neptune has a total of 14 moons and all of them are named after Greek water gods. The biggest of all of them is Triton.
  • Triton is also the 7th largest moon in the entire solar system.
  • This planet has an average temperature of -214°C. It is extremely cold because it is so far away from the Sun.
  • It has a unique magnetic field that is 27 times stronger than the earth’s.
  • Neptune does have a faint ring system surrounding it.
  • Till now, the Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft that have reached Neptune. It was launched in 1989.
  • This planet has a diameter of 29,297 miles making it the third largest in the solar system.
  • It does not have a solid surface but is believed to have a solid core.
  • This planet has a storm named as the Great Dark Spot. This storm is about the same size as planet earth.
  • The distance between Earth and Neptune is 2700 miles.
  • Neptune has an inner layer of water, methane ice, and ammonia. This is the reason it is sometimes referred as ‘Ice Giant’.
  • This planet has the most violent weather in our solar system.


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