November 20th in History

On November 20, 1817, first Seminole War began in Florida and on the same day in 1962, agreed to remove bombers from Cuba and US lifted its blockade.

1168: – Giovanni di Struma was elected anti-Pope.

1272: – Edward I was officially announced as King of England.

1528: – Treaty of Gorinchem was signed between Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Duke Charles of Guelders.

1755: – British Prime Minister William Pitt the Elder resigned.

1789: – New Jersey became the 1st state to ratify Bill of Rights.

1791: – The peace Treaty of Stockholm was signed between Sweden and Hannover.

1795: – Curacao Government forbade slave work on Sunday.

1817: – First Seminole War began in Florida.

1866: – First national convention of Grand Army of Republic took place.

1873: – Two rival cities Buda and Pest unite and formed the capital of Hungary.

1888: – Willard Bundy got patent for timecard clock.

1894: – US intervened in Bluefield, Nicaragua.

1920: – The Noble Peace Prize was awarded to the US President Woodrow Wilson.

1923: – Garrett Morgan got patent for inventing a traffic signal.

1962: – USSR agreed to remove bombers from Cuba and US lifted its blockade.

2014: – Joko Widodo became President of Indonesia.

Days on November 20: –

  • National Absurdity Day
  • International Children’s Day
  • Africa Industrialization Day