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November 25th in history

The Seasons video

November 25, 1952, George Meany got appointed as chairman of the AFL. On the same day in 1980 France performed a nuclear test at Mururoa atoll.

1165: – Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I visited Utrecht.

1277: – Giovanni Gaetano Orsini was elected as Pope Nicholas III.

1500: – Governor de Bobadilla of Santo Domingo captured Christopher Columbus.

1758: – Britain captured Fort Duquesne from French.

1867: – Swedish Chemist Alfred Nobel got patent for dynamite.

1920: – First thanksgiving parade took place in Philadelphia.

1935: – International Institute for Social History (IISG) formed in Amsterdam.

1936: – Germany and Japan signed anti-Komintern pact.

1943: – U-600 sunk in Atlantic Ocean.

1952: – George Meany got appointed as chairman of AFL.

1955: – Clement Attlee resigned as the leader of the UK Labour Party.

1958: – Senegal became an autonomous state in French Community.

1967: – Puerto Rico placed on Atlantic Standard Time.

1980: – France performed nuclear test at Mururoa atoll.

1983: – Syria and Saudi Arabia announced cease-fire in PLO civil war Tripoli.

1997: – A US telephone technician arrested for spying in Russia.


Marked Days on November 25: –

  • National Parfait Day
  • Shopping Reminder Day
  • Evacuation Day (New York)
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


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