Orangutans Worksheet – Free to Download Printable Hidden Words Puzzle Game for Kids

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Orangutans are Apes and Mammals

Free Orangutans Worksheet – Get our fun educational FREE to download printable hidden words puzzle game for kids. This fun facts about Orangutans worksheet includes a word searching puzzle and a missing-and-hidden words puzzle game. The Orangutans printable worksheet is both free to download and print. Kids from Pre-K up to Grade Five can enjoy playing the word search game while learning fun facts all about Orangutans.

Grammar school kids can enjoy this free printable hidden words puzzle as a reading comprehension activity. Kids will improve their reading skills and learn well, since they’ll need to read and re-read the facts about Orangutans to discover what the missing words are. They will also have fun searching for the hidden words in the hidden words game.

Kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten who haven’t learned to read and write, can enjoy the free to download Orangutans worksheet as a listening comprehension activity. Parents or Educators can read out loud to the kids the fun facts about Orangutans and help them find the hidden words. This free hidden words game for kids about Orangutans is also a great way for young kids to learn to recognize words.

Parents can use this printable hidden words puzzle to make learning about Orangutans fun and interesting for their children.

Teachers and Educators can use our free to download printable Orangutans worksheet to supplement science classes, after school activities and child enrichment programs. is a great parent and teacher science resource for free to download printable science worksheets and free hidden words puzzle games for kids.

Orangutans are apes. Orangutans live in the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia and Malaysia. These are the only places in the world where Orangutans can live in the wild. Baby Orangutans are very attached to their mothers. Their parents teach them how to survive on their own and how to stay protected from predators. Orangutans are very intelligent and can even imitate what humans do.

To learn more fun facts about Orangutans download the free printable Orangutan worksheet!

Free Printable Orangutans Worksheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Orangutans Worksheet for Kids
Download the FREE Orangutans Worksheet for Kids!


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