Pepi II

Pepi II was the last ruler of the 6th dynasty and Egypt’s old kingdom. His reign was also the longest in ancient Egyptian history. He ruled for 90 to 94 long years as far as we know.

He was son of Pepi I and queen Ankhenespepi I. He came to the throne at the age of 6 years while his mother Ankhenespepi I was the regent for the country. He ruled until his death at the age of 100 years.

His birth name was Pepi but his throne name was Neferkare. He succeeded his half brother, Pharaoh Merenre. He continued foreign relations in a very similar manner to both his predecessor of the 5th and 6th dynasties.


Fast Facts: –

  • In the beginning of the reign of Pepi II, the actual power was held by his mother Ankhenespepi I and her brother Djau.
  • His long reign is marked by a gradual decline of the central government.
  • He got married to Neith, his stepsister and to Iput II, a daughter of his brother. He also married to a woman named Udjbeten.
  • He had many wives at the same time as it was acceptable for the King of Egypt to practice polygamy.
  • The pyramid of Pepi II was constructed in Sakkara. Three of his wives were buried in smaller pyramids near to his.
  • His pyramid complex was among the largest of pyramids of kings from 5th and 6th
  • His funerary monument was built and decorated in a much poorer way than his predecessor.
  • It believed that he had a son with Queen Neith, named Merenre who is known as Merenre II.