Power of Plants – Download FREE Word Game Puzzles for Science for Kids

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In ancient Greek mythology, Achilles’ soldiers used yarrow to heal battle wounds.

Power of Plants FREE Worksheet – Download FREE Word Game Puzzles for Kids. Our easy science worksheet about plant powers is a great after-class, or home school activity for kids. This word searching puzzle is suitable for Grammar school kids in Grades 1-5 as well as Pre-K and Kindergarten kids.

Pre-K and Kindergarten kids can use this easy science worksheet as a listening comprehension activity. Grammar & Elementary school kids can use this healing power of plants activity sheet as a reading comprehension tool.

This printable word search worksheet helps tutor kids on facts about plant powers. The game makes it easy and fun for kids to understand and learn science.

The Easy Science website is a great parent homeschooling resource with many free word searching puzzle games and free easy science worksheets for kids.

What is Botany? Botany is the scientific study of plants. Did you know that some plants are poisonous? Plants have powers to heal or kill. The chemicals inside plants give them those powers. There are many poisonous plants in the world. Some people use herbology to heal sickness. Do you want to learn about the healing power of plants?

Download this power of plants botanics worksheet to learn more about botany.

Power of Plants Free Worksheet for Science

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Download the Power of Plants Worksheet!


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