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Rhode Island


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union; so small, in fact, that it would fit 425 times in Alaska, the largest state, according to National Geographic Kids United States Atlas. This state has a long history of speaking out for fair government and freedom of religion.

Fun Facts

  • Native Americans hunted, fished, and grew crops in Rhode Island long before Europeans arrived. Many of the towns, such as Narragansett, still bear Indian names.
  • Italian explorer Giovanni Verrazano explored the area that is now Rhode Island in 1524.
  • In 1636, Roger Williams came from Massachusetts to Rhode Island in search of religious freedom, starting a settlement that would eventually become the colony of Rhode Island.
  • Rhode Island’s coastline makes it a popular vacation destination. For many years, Newport Beach was home to the America’s Cup Yacht Race.
  • Rhode Island is also home to the first U.S. lawn tennis championship, the first open golf tournament, and the first game of polo. It was also the site of the first circus in America.
  • Colonists in Rhode Island sunk a British boat in Narragansett Bay, the first military action against England.
  • Rhode Island has a monument to honor its favorite chicken, the Rhode Island Red.

Rhode Island Quick Stats

Population: 1,052,567

State Capital: Providence (population 178,042)

Largest City: Providence

Largest Metro: Greater Providence

State Bird: Rhode Island Red (a type of chicken)

State Flower: violet

Admission to Union: May 29, 1790

Questions and Answers

Question: What is Rhode Island’s entire name?

Answer: The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, the country’s longest state name.

Learn More

Watch a video about Rhode Island.



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