Santorini Island

Santorini is an island found along the coastline of the Aegean Sea. It is also known as Thira. It is one of the Cyclades islands of the Mediterranean region. On this island, you can find everything from the red cliffs to black beaches, from white windmills to blue domes.

It remains an active volcano, in a quiet state. This name has been derived from two words ‘Santa’ which means ‘Saint’ and Irenene which means ‘Irene.’ There are more churches than houses on this island.


Quick Facts: –

  • You can find more than 100 varieties of grapes Santorini.
  • This island gets so little rain that wine is more plentiful than water.
  • The Cyclades signify a group of 220 Greek islands. Santorini is the southernmost island of Cyclades.
  • The island features cubical houses made of local stones with traditional architecture.
  • Due to several volcanic eruptions that took place in the past, the island has red, black and white color beaches.
  • When this island was formed, it was inhabited by the Minoans.
  • The land area on which grapes are grown is known as ‘aspa’.
  • The island is home to various hot springs because of the volcanic rocks.
  • Santorini is also known as Greece’s Postcard Island sometimes.
  • Before getting its present name, the island was known as Kalliste, meaning ‘the most beautiful one.’
  • Fira is the capital and main city of the island.