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                                   Science Projects for 6th Graders

This video is about one of the most amazing science projects for 6th graders by Ashley Hughes. In this project, she will be experimenting with rubber bands to simulate muscles and what happens to them when stretched during warm or cold temperatures. This video demonstrates how the muscles will stretch if a person did warm ups before an exercise (warm) and if the person didn’t (cold).

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Requirements: –

  • Some rubber bands
  • Ruler
  • Yard stick
  • Marker
  • Gloves

Procedure: –

  • Take one rubber band that has been placed at room temperature for a while.
  • Try to stretch it while placing it along the ruler so that you can measure the length at which it can be stretched at maximum.
  • Note the length at which the rubber band breaks because it cannot be stretched anymore.
  • Take another rubber band which has been placed in refrigerator for a while.
  • Repeat the same process with this rubber band as well and note the length of its maximum stretch as well.
  • You will observe that the rubber band at room temperature stretched more as compared to the other one.

Concept: –

In this experiment, these rubber bands have been compared to the muscles in our body. It we do any kind of physical activity without warming up our body then it can lead to injuries like muscle pull or something else.



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