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                                          Scientific Experiments

A scientific experiment can be defined as a structured and a controlled way to answer questions. The word science has been derived from a Latin word ‘scientia’ that means knowledge. A scientific experiment starts from observation and then framing some questions. Sometimes an experiment is performed to prove an already known fact or to check the accuracy of a prediction.

Steps of a scientific experiment: –
There are total 7 major steps of a scientific experiment.

  • Purpose: – We need to decide a purpose that why do we want to perform any particular experiment.
  • Observation: – It is our curious nature that forces us to observe the physical world. Sometimes these observations consist of minor details and sometimes they do not. Some questions are formed as a result of these observations.
  • Research: – A detailed research needs to be done before starting any experiment. It helps us to get a better idea about all the possible results.
  • Hypothesis: – In this phase, we predict the answer to our question. It is not a guess. The hypothesis is generally based on the research and collected information.
  • Experiment: – Now we conduct a test to check whether your prediction is right or not. A proper procedure is followed to perform this step to make sure the result is more accurate. Make sure you note all the results.
  • Analysis: – In this step, we thoroughly analyze the result we got from the experiment.
  • Conclusion: – It is the last phase of any experiment. All the collected data is reviewed and a conclusion is made. This step proves if your hypothesis was correct.


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