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Sedimentary Rocks Facts for Kids Video


This video explains what sedimentary rocks are.

                                Sedimentary rocks facts

A rock, formed by the accumulation of sediments, can be defined as Sedimentary rock. In the formation process, sediments are deposited over time, usually as layers at the bottom of lakes and oceans. These sediments can include minerals, small pieces of plants and other organic material. They are compressed over a long period of time before consolidating into solid layers of rock. These layers are called strata which can often be seen in exposed cliffs. These layers are arranged according to their density. The majority of earth’s rocky surface is covered by sedimentary rocks. Examples of sedimentary rocks are: – limestone, mudstone etc.

Define Sedimentation.

  • A set of processes that causes mineral or organic particles to settle in place. These particles are called sediments.

What are the different types of sedimentary rocks?

  • Clastic Sedimentary rocks
  • Conglomerates and breccias
  • Sandstones
  • Mudrocks

What is the major factor in determining the colour of a sedimentary rock?

  • Iron with two major oxides: – iron (II) oxide and iron (III) oxide.

What are the four main ways of sedimentary rock formation?

  • Weathered remains of other rocks are deposited.
  • By the acquisition and consolidation of sediments.
  • The results of biogenic activity are deposited.
  • By creation of a solid from solutions.

What does ‘Diagenesis’ mean?

  • All the chemical, physical and biological alteritions, including cementation, undergone by sediment after its initial deposition and during and after its lithification, excluding surface weathering.

Define Compaction.

  • The sediments at the bottom are crushed by the weight of sediments at the top. This is called Compaction.




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