Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world with the total height of 632 meters. This skyscraper has 128 stories and a total floor area of about 380,000 square meters.

This building also has the world’s highest observation deck which is located on the 121st floor and at the height of 561.3 meters.

It also holds the record for the fastest elevators in the entire world. These elevators are designed by Mitsubishi and travel at a speed of 74 kilometers per hour.


Quick Facts: –

  • Construction of the Shanghai Tower started in November 2008 and finished in September 2015 taking approximately 7 years.
  • The tower’s glass facade completes a 120° twist as it rises so that the wind load on the building can be reduced by 24%.
  • To give this twist, every floor of the tower spires for around 1° with the height changing.
  • The building can easily accommodate 16,000 people at one time.
  • It also has the highest non-enclosed observation deck in the world. It is located at the 119th floor at 552 meters.
  • The total cost of the construction is estimated to be around US$2.4 billion.
  • This tower is owned by Yeti Construction and Development was a coalition of state owned development companies.
  • It was designed by an American architecture firm Gensler but its Chief architect is a Chinese person, Jun Xia.
  • A hotel named J Hotel occupies 20 floors of the building and it is the highest hotel in the world.