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German shepherds were originally bred as sheep dogs.

Sheep Dogs Worksheet –  Download our FREE sheepdogs hidden words game for kids. This sheep dog worksheet is suitable for kids in Grades 1-5 as well as for Pre-K and Grammar school kids.

Kindergarten kids and preschoolers can enjoy this easy science worksheet as a listening comprehension game while learning fun facts about Sheepdogs.

Grammar & Elementary school kids can use this reading comprehension game to learn facts about sheep dogs for kids.

Educators can use this sheepdog worksheet to supplement their science lessons for kids. Parents homeschooling their kids can use this science for kids worksheet to make learning about sheep dogs fun.

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What are Sheep dogs? Sheepdogs are not a cross between a sheep and a dog.
Sheep herding dogs are a type of dog. There are different sheepdog breeds and different types of sheepdogs. A sheep dog is a very obedient dog. People have relied on them for the last 12,000 years to herd their sheep.  The Sheep dogs help control the flock of sheep and are also great watchdogs.

Discover more fun sheep dog information by downloading this free fun science worksheet for kids.

FREE Sheep Dogs Easy Science Worksheet for Kids

[sociallocker]Download FREE easy science for kids worksheet to print about sheepdogs.

Download the FREE Sheep Dogs Worksheet!
Download the FREE Sheep Dogs Worksheet!


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