Skeleton Pictures Facts for Kids Video

                                               All about Skeleton

Human skeleton includes 206 bones, 32 teeth other structures that connect these bones together. Each of them plays an important part in helping your body to function properly. The skeletal system has six major functions including producing blood cells, protecting organs, helping to move, storing ions and endocrine regulation. Humans have total 300 bones at the time of birth but some bones fuse together and the overall number reduces to 206. The longest bone in the body is femur or thigh bone and the smallest bone is the staples which is located in the middle ear.

Quick Facts: –

  • Skeletons that are inside the body of creatures are called endoskeleton and the one which is outside the body is known as exoskeleton.
  • Our hands are the part of our body with the most number of bones. Both the hands have 54 bones.
  • The branch of science under which we study about the human skeletal system is known as orthopaedics.
  • The hyoid bone which is located in your throat is the only bone that is not connected with any other bone.
  • Bone marrow is a soft, flexible tissue substance. It makes up about 4% of a human body mass.
  • Generally people have 12 ribs but in rare cases, some people have 13. This one extra rib can cause health issues as well.
  • The knee joint is the biggest joint in the human body. Three bones connect at this point: femur, tibia and patella.
  • Arms are among the most commonly broken bones in the entire human skeleton.
  • Human skull has only one moving part which is the mandible. It is the lower jaw bone.