Spider-Man Facts

Spider-Man is a fictional superhero created by Stan lee and Steve Ditko. Spider Man appeared for the first time in August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15. Stan Lee created this character by watching a fly. He initially named this superhero ‘Stick-to Wall Man’. He tried out a few other names as well, like Insect-Man, Fly-Man, and Mosquito-Man until he finally found the most dramatic of all of them ‘Spider-Man’. Your favorite superhero was once a part of the Fantastic Four. At that time, they called it the Future Foundation.

Fun Facts: –

  • Spider-Man was the first teen-hero who was not an adult’s sidekick.
  • His web dissolves within an hour and yet is strong enough to hold a hulk.
  • His parents Richard and Mary parker were government agents working with S.H.I.E.L.D. They died in plane crash.
  • He was raised by Aunt Jane and Uncle Ben whose death was the catalyst for an ordinary boy turning into a superhero.
  • He has had numerous real jobs including a high school science teacher, a scientist and a business owner.
  • It took 17 long years to get this fictional character onto the big screen for the very first time.
  • During the making of Spider-Man many costumes of the superhero were stolen from the production.
  • There have been 8 Spider-Man cartoons, 2 live action TV shows, and one play.
  • Michael Jackson once tried to buy Marvel so that he could play the role of the superhero.