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Stegosaurus v Allosaurus Facts for Kids Video


                                       Stegosaurus vs. Allosaurus

Stegosaurus: –

The stegosaurus belonged to a group of dinosaurs known as Stegosauria. These dinosaurs lived in the late Jurassic Period. Their fossils have been found western North America. These herbivores were large and strongly built. The large plates on the back were primarily there for display. They had a very small brain relative to their body size. Naturalists once thought that these dinosaurs had a brain in the butt as they could not wrap their minds around the unusually small size of their brain. They were closely related to Ankylosaurus. Stegosaurus is also the state dinosaur of Colorado.

These dinosaurs also swallowed stones and small rocks with their food to grind it well. They were the largest and most well-known members of Stegosauride family of armored dinosaurs.

Allosaurus: –

Allosaurus is sometimes referred to as the most dangerous dinosaur of the Jurassic Period. Earlier, it used to be known as Antrodemus. This dinosaur is Utah’s state fossil. It is the most common fossil found in Utah’s Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry. These dinosaurs mainly preyed on Stegosaurus. There were at least seven subspecies of Allosaurus.  The Big AI is the most famous Allosaurus fossil.

Allosaurus was first described by Othniel Marsh in 1877. These dinosaurs had a large skull and walked on two legs. They also had a long and heavy tail that helped to maintain its body and head.

Their mouth contained dozens of sharp teeth that were serrated at the front and rear edges. They ranked fifth biggest among predatory dinosaurs.



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