Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that can mould into different type of cells. Stem cells are the first member of the cell family. Stem cells mould into different types of cells. When they begin to mould, they start to develop the properties of those specific cells.

The properties that the cells develop will depend on the type of cells they are going to become.

Stem Cells

There are two different types of stem cells, those found in embryonic organisms and those found in adult organisms. Embryonic simply means that the cells are developed during the early stages of human development.

Embryonic stem cells are the moulding or differentiating cells. Imagine embryonic stem cells as a job agency for cells. Each cell must be given a job to do for the rest of their life. This job allocation happens before a person is even born

Mass Stem Cells

The stem cells found in the adult organisms has a different role. These cells are only actually found in a few locations in the body. These stem cells are used to replenish lost cells. The mould into the cells that have been lost in order to replace them.

This can be done for blood cells, skin cells and many more. Next time you cut yourself, remember that your adult stem cells are working overtime in order to replace the blood cells you’ve lost because of your cut.

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